André Perim – Brazil

André Perim is a musician, composer, and multimedia artist from Brazil. His work is based on the unique mixture of the sacred tradition of the Afro-Brazilian Rhythms with electronic elements inspired by ambient and psychedelia. He released two álbuns- “Dágua” (2014), and “ Dágua ao vivo” (2018). Graduated in Jornalism, co-presented and produced for seven consecutive years the Radio Show “ Quem toca” focusing the instrumental music produced in Brazil. In 2018 releases the experimental electronic music Project “Efeitos Colaterais” (namely, side effects) produced during an long period of hospital internment due to a cancer desease treatment. This work opened new possibilities regarding on line artist expression as well as creative uses of electronic soundscapes, silence, and noise. In the same year produces the videoart work “Infotoxication” , starting a new path in his career making use of multimedia and influences of conceptual art.


INFOTOXICATION, Infobesity or Information Overload is a concept that describes a state of paralyzation caused by the excess of data. The question is ” How much information we can handle?” or ” What kind of changes are we facing in our perceptions and aesthetics to support the continuous increase of audio-visual information?” From this starting point, I produced a Video-art work creating an imaginary language based on ideograms. The same way, the spoken language was created through artificial means (Voice Generator, Vocoder, Audio manipulation) and presented in a vertiginous pace to create an atmosphere of chaos and claustrophobia. This work was screened in the New Wave Movie Festival (Hong Kong), Loading Festival Day (Portugal), Refluxo Festival (Brazil), Digital Art Festival (Bulgaria), and Video-Art Forum (Saudi-Arabia), Malabo Film and Music Festival (Guinea)- All in 2019. Switch Festival (Netherlands), Toxicity symposium at the Chitkara Art and Design School (India), 6th International Exhibition on New Media Art 2020 CICA Museum (South Korea).