Fonoteca Nacional de México

The sound memory of a culture gives an account of its evolution; in it, their beliefs, speech modes, rhythms and sound environments that represent and shape their identity are encrypted. Register, catalog and disseminate this material is a fundamental task to understand and assess their vitality. One of the commitments of the Mexican State is the preservation and safeguarding of the cultural heritage of our country. Sound heritage is a fundamental part of that heritage and a fundamental element of national identity and memory.

In response to this commitment, the National Sound Library was created to be in charge of the research, recording, conservation and dissemination of the sound heritage of Mexico, derived from both live experiences and the phonographic and radiophonic tradition.

Although its creation project goes back to the year 2001, when it was included in the National Culture Program 2000-2006, the institution opened its doors on December 10, 2008.

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The House of the Sounds of Mexico


Francisco Sosa 383
Barrio de Santa Catarina
Coyoacán, 04010
Mexico City, Mexico