Gerald Habarth – USA

Gerald Habarth is a multimedia artist and animator currently serving as Associate Professor of Art at West Virginia University where he heads the Electronic Media program in School of Art and Design. He holds an MFA degree from the University of South Florida and a BFA degree from Parsons School of Design. His works have screened at numerous national and international venues and festivals.

Inca Walls, 2019

Stones laid by Incan builders in the former capital of Cusco come to life amid the lively sounds of the city’s contemporary residents and machines. All of the photographs used in the creation of this animation were taken from original Inca walls located in the city of Cusco, specifically those that line the streets Awaqpinta, Pantipata, San Agustin, Maruri, Arequipa, Hatunrumiyoc, Inka Roca, and Ruinas.