Finn Harvor – South Korea

Award-winning artist, writer, musician, filmmaker. Articles in many journals including the Brooklyn Rail and Canadian Notes and Queries. Have presented to academic conferences in Oxford, Bath, Liverpool, Berlin, Seoul, Osaka, and elsewhere. Selected by festivals in Korea, Ireland, the U.K., the US, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Australia, Greece, Pakistan, Serbia, Portugal, Russia, and India.

Chant, For the Sounds of Your Voice…, 2019

A VideoPoemSong based on a piece published in the chapbook The Baram Series. The work considers nature not as something anthropomorphized, but as something with a series of « definable essences » (that is, Sky being different from Mountain, and so forth). These nature essences in turn connect to the constructions of human beings (their cities), and to the human voice, which, when it expresses itself, becomes particles of sky.