El Bosque Hechizado (The Bewitched Forest)

The forest is in perpetual change and rebirth. It is a place where life cycles are filled with mystery, beauty and cruelty. Its movement and sound have been the basis of a world of phantasmagoria. Its interior architecture, its fragmented illumination, and its layers of superimposed realities have been treated as analogies of the human psyche itself. In this forest, you can find the tree and the source of life, mystical creations to exorcise death, pain and illness.

«The true forest is made up of the trees that I do not see» (Ortega y Gasset).

We can never see together the whole immensity of the forest. These are successive layers that are discovered as soon as one advanced inside it. Layers of realities that follow each other and overlap forming a fragmented internalization of their reality.

“The forest will go rotting, shelling, in a series of visible pieces. But I will never find it anywhere I am. The forest flees from the eyes » (Ortega y Gasset).

Primal place where all forces have a place in a perpetual battle of balance, and where different forms of life are interrelated for their survival. Looks like a body, mirror of the human inner nature itself. Isabel Pérez del Pulgar