Martín Del Carpio – USA

Born in Venezuela but raised in New York, where he currently lives, Martin Del Carpio is an artist marked by experimentation, the search of new concepts, sounds and melodies, by a fascination with images and the journey that film takes us on. Aside from music, Martin has worked on numerous experimental film projects of his own such as The Antiteater of Ten, Mother’s Milk, I…dreaming, and Auricular Confession. In the future, he plans to continue experimenting with sound and visuals, taking us on a journey to places still unexplored.

Mother’s Milk, 2018

I’ve always been intrigued by my mother’s hands as a child. As she has aged, I’ve been fascinated even more by them. I feel they’re a combination of being refined but yet of the working class. I’m both happy and proud to say that she’s the one featured in my first ever short film. It’s an experimental project involving a simple idea. I wanted her to showcase what is most vital to her in her life now with only the hands. There’s the spirituality coexisting with the harsh reality that comes with old age. I hereby present to you Mother’s Milk.