Muriel Paraboni

Muriel is a filmmaker and visual artist. With background in film and arts, Muriel´s works has strong visual emphasis, marked by language and aesthetic experimentation, combining poetry and abstraction with existential issues. His most recent short Eventide won several international awards such as the Special Jury Award at the 12th Blow-Up Chicago International Film Festival, Honorable Mention at the Experimental Forum Film Festival in Los Angeles, Best Experimental Short at The Monthly Film Festival in Scotland, the Award of Excellence at the IndieFEST Film Awards in San Diego, Best Experimental Film and Original Score at the Five Continents Film Festival in Venezuela. The film was also selected to more than 30 international film festivals in more than 15 countries like USA, UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Israel, Russia, Sweden and France.


A sculptural piece, made from an oxicort steel beam. The records of this process, made with a cell phone camera, were the starting point for the realization of this video art piece, putting in check dualities such as figuration and abstraction, solidity and fluidity, image and reality. The digital process becomes symbiotic to the mechanic by producing a sculpture without body or weight, established only in time.