Chant for a Pandemic

Curatorial Presentation

Chant for a Pandemic is a short, experimental film, made by collaborators across the globe in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. The whole thing was shot and edited together in less than two weeks. Artists around the world are feeling a need to reflect and react to this new, fast changing, almost post-apocalyptic looking world with immediacy, and this is one early response created by a group of individuals who have mostly never met in real life but came together to express our common experience.  This is what we are witnessing now.  There are no boundaries for anxiety, fear, grief and frustration.  We are all in this long wait together.    Thanks to all the artists for giving us a glimpse of where they live.  

Curated and Edited by Dee Hood 
Music by Tushar Waghela
Chant written by Finn Harvor  – Sung by Finn Harvor & various artists

Finn Harvor (Seoul, Korea), Maria Felix Korporal (Berlin, Germany), Tushar Waghela (Durg, India), Muriel Paraboni (Milan, Italy), Sandra Bouguerch (Bolton, UK), Lisi Prada (Leon, Spain), Eija Temiseva (Espoo, Finland), Ian Gibbins (Adelaide, South Australia), Jutta Pryor (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), Sarah Bliss (Montague, Mass, USA), Darko Duilo (Split, Croatia), Gwendolyn Audrey Foster (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA), Erick Tapia (Mexico City, Mexico), Lori Ersolmaz (Naples, Florida, USA), Avant Kinema / Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian (Scottish Borders, Scotland), Lino Mocerino (Foggia, Italy), Francesca Giuliani (Lamis, Italy), Luis Carlos Rodriguez (Spain), Dee Hood (USA), Willow Morgan (Ruskin, Florida, USA).