Lisi Prada

Lisi Prada is a visual artist, based in Madrid (Spain).  She holds a 5 year university degree from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid as well as additional studies in different areas. She has received numerous honors/awards and has participated in group exhibitions, screenings and festivals in over forty countries.


The expression of this sensual experience tries to relate the visual flow with the pulse drawn in the geography of soundscapes, which the work takes as a guideline and reason for being. The images are filmed and edited with no further post-production than the eventual utilization of black and white, and the time manipulation of the frames. What may seem as visual effects (some sparks propagating into vertical lines and solid colours) are nothing but the result of a defect in the camera lens; a defect that was eventually sorted out in the following model of the same brand (an error might lead us to a little finding; it came in very handy for the synchronization with the sound samples and glitches.