Eddie Lohmeyer – USA

Eddie Lohmeyer received his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media. His research explores aesthetic and technical developments within histories of digital media, with a particular emphasis on video games and their relationship to traditions of the avant-garde. Additionally, his art considers embodied experience through processes of play and defamiliarization. Using deconstructive approaches such as glitch, physical modifications to hardware, assemblage, etc., his installations stage bizarre encounters with nostalgic media as a means to unveil our normal attitudes and perceptions toward technologies.

Scrolling Landscape in 34 NES Games, 2019

Scrolling Landscape in 34 NES Games (2019) is a work of experimental glitch video that explores the relationship among nostalgia and our perception of technologically mediated landscapes. The film was created by appropriating footage of speedruns of older 8-bit video games and then editing together their scrolling landscapes into a continuously unfolding vista of gameworlds. This landscape has then been corrupted using glitch techniques to generate psychedelic abstractions that rapidly accelerate through two-dimensional space. Here, Scrolling Landscape in 34 NES Games envisions childhood nostalgia for video gameplay as an imaginary environment separated from the mundane in which certain desires and sensory pleasures are taken up within spaces of play. Through the viewer’s interfacing with these sublime visions of technology, the film serves to challenge our embodied reception of the video game medium and the knowledge frameworks that underlie our perception of scrolling motion.