Sandra Bouguerch

Sandra Bouguerch is a Greater Manchester based interdisciplinary artist who works across video, photography, print, installation, performance and participates in collaborations. Sandra creates artworks and atmospheres revolving around the ‘exploration of self’; focusing on what it means to be human.

No Fountain Non

‘No Fountain Non’ was created responding to a call out as part of the ‘Cinematic Becoming’ Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Centre 2018 and was selected and exhibited by artist Mike Chavez Dawson for his exhibition Fountain Fountain. ‘No Fountain Non’ is based upon the word ‘Rejection’ as Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ was rejected by the newly established Society of Independent Artists first exhibition which was to include all submissions (except the Fountain)!  If you don’t succeed then ‘try try again’ and so Duchamp did, sticking to his guns and saying “No” to the art establishment. Sometimes in life ‘No’ can lead to one ‘giving up’ or in stating ‘No’ one may cause offence to the other.  Duchamp for me was about UP YOURS! Doing what he felt was right and necessary.