Duo Strangloscope

Duo Strangloscope (Rafael Schlichting & Cláudia Cárdenas) works with experimental video and cinema in all sizes/forms/plataforms, from movie screenings to museum installations, from performances in  digital exhibition frame to those with different projectors of 35mm, Super8 and 16mm . Their films, videos and performances have as object the film material, in a work directed and executed sensorially. Their videos & films are largely abstract, not just the films without camera, but also the films shot and edited.   As an in-process creation,  the unpredictability of the scenes and the way the camera is handled, the lens absorbs the richness of light and color fluxes in an irregular, diffuse, abstract way rather than having a concern to capture the real in a documentary way, for example. In addition to creators, performers and experimental filmmakers, the Duo Strangloscope also curates and performs the Strangloscope Experimental Video Film Performance Festival which is in the 12th edition. It is an international audio, video / film and experimental performance show that receives works from around the world. 

Walden Street

Video is the perfect medium for melancholic meditations on the visible and the ephemeral. How to go through good or bad dreams – a solitary journey through a world in which images bring together the imaginary and the marvelous with all their possible combinations. A space in the limits of reality, but that inevitably refers to reality. Nature reconstituted by images? We do not want to copy nature, we do not want to reproduce, we want to produce as a plant produces a fruit.